Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artistic Ability

So the end of the year is fast approaching and now it's time to kick things into gear. My only problem and this has been a problem since the very beginning of this entire project. My artistic ability regardless if I put five hundred hours into making this book, I don't think I will be satisfied with the outcome. And this is not to say my skills having improved because they definitely have and I can acknowledge that, it's just like I don't think the improvements are rapid enough to finish the project how I would want. This project has become a lot more than I originally anticipated. At first I had thought the project to be nothing more than simply drawing, and now I have a appreciation for artists overall. I understand much more all the time effort revisions it takes into making one image that I'm satisfied with let alone several issues to a comic book. I admire them for there self dedication, and their drive. And I just figured out how to upload images so I'm going to do that. I have about sixty or so and then I will upload the other two sketch books I have at a later date.

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