Monday, May 4, 2015

Comic Book Day

So for comic book day I had arranged to go to comics etc, a local comic book store where the owner, would be giving out free comic books and would have some local artist come to showcase and sign their works. I then planned on going to Monroe branch library the very same day, to take part in their celebration for comic books with the little convention they had planned. So firstly I went to comics etc where I took lots and lots of images, and the owner who I had emailed prior, had set up for me to speak to each artist individually and get a little alone time to ask questions and things. But being that I assumed I wouldn't make it to Monroe after taking some images I left, before speaking to the artists. I accidentally went to the wrong library, then I asked a worker there about Monroe's convention and they informed me that they had already closed. I thought I was out of luck, I had already been rushing to make it in time, and at this point felt like giving up and being satisfied with the images from comic etc free comic book day. But the lady at the central library told me to go to another local comic book store, comic book heaven on st. Paul. So I called the owner and spoke with him, for comic book day they were giving away a free book with the purchase of another. So I went there and took pictures the store was spilling with comics, rows and rows of alphabetically organized comics and graphic novels. All of the images will go on the blog as soon as I upload them from my phone. I will still be meeting with the owner of comics etc on Wednesday to get a interview with him. And on today I will also be meeting and interviewing Nigel Clark, a self published local artist who strangely was at comics etc on free comic book day. I called and spoke with someone asking how much it would be to print out the comic and it's affordable I will have to make two copies of the actual pages and one of the cover because I need a minimum of twenty five images.

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