Thursday, January 8, 2015

Post #4

I was thinking more about the story and this main heroine, and I want to take more of the fantasy rather than historically accurate route. Although a lot of this stuff will be historically accurate I want it to be more imaginative rather than realistic. If I go this route the name Leto would work and maybe she could even have superpowers of some sort. And being that I want this to be something I could continue in the future, I'm planning on skimming over her back story. And to only give a little bit of information about her history. Also I kinda want the ending to have a bit of a cliffhanger to make readers upset as well as anxious for the next issues.

So break has finally come to an end and over break I drew, quiet alot. I am still unable to put the images on this blog because I don't have a scanner. But aside from drawings I have set in stone how and where I want my story to go I still have some gaps though and I'm not sure how I want the ending. You can expect the story plot or story outline to be posted within the next couple of days. I met with the vice principle who told me it seems as though I haven't been making enough progress. And she has requested that another meeting is scheduled where all members are present. When would be the best date and time for you all? Any time and place I can make work. As for the work that I have done as I said I have practiced on the artistic side as well as reading to better my understand of how stories flow, mainly graphic novels. I will post the story line up on this blog in a bullet format and I would appreciate all the criticism and suggestions you all give. I didn't update the blog over break because I didn't feel it a necessity, I was under the assumption that two posts where to be made every school week. A requirement that I have made since the creating of this post. All the other dates and goals I have set for my self I am on track for, the next thing due is a written summary of my work on the 16th. Me aiming to have the storyline up in early june was me going above and beyond the primary goals.  Clayton I have read over your comment and I understand completely would you mean as far as emulating other artists, and If you all feel the name should be changes, it can easily be fixed.

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