Monday, December 15, 2014

Art Style Part 2

Art Style Part 2

I have read the comments from the previous posts, and I appreciate all the ideas and points of view you guys have been showing me. Currently I'm not sure what type of drawing style I have. When I draw currently, I just imitate drawings that I see from artists I admire. Is this something I should be doing or should I attempt to picture something and draw it how I see it in my mind? Being that I am a beginner I felt imitation would be fine until I began to really draw my own comic. I'm not sure if the cartoony style would enhance the story I figured it would more so make it funny. When I imagined how the story would look I imagined almost a joke of what Beowulf is, to take the epic poem and flip it entirely, with some serious elements though, the girls death and him losing emotions like love and all that. But yeah I pictured it to be the opposite of what someone would expect from a Beowulf comic. I still haven't been able to figure out how to upload drawings on here, but when I do figure it out I will show the image that I tried to imitate, maybe side by side. I also considered whether or not Leto should be a christian or another religion and I think she should be christian. From my understandings wasn't Beowulf a bit of both (Christian as well as Pagan)? And I know this will be important to the development of her as a character but I honestly don't want it to be much of a focus I don't want their relationship to surround religion or for them to even mention religion much to each other. Is this something that I need to include? Was religion that important to them to the extent that they wouldn't be with someone of another religion or no? I also contemplated her being a little bit better then Beowulf as far as combat goes, and maybe that could be the main reason why he admires her so much. I also thought more on whether or not the Greek name would work, and I like the name a lot so unless I find a name that's as appealing I'm gonna stick with it. My audience most likely wouldn't know the origin of the name, and I highly doubt they would take the time to look it up and put together that they came from different eras and different parts of the world. For the starting of my story outline, should I write it out as If i were doing it page by page? Example- Page 1: We see Beowulf on the ground speaking to his comrade badly wounded. Then Page 2...etc. Or should I write it out like how you would write out a novel.

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  1. I think imitation of style is okay for now, but don't set out to be someone else. At this point, just do what feels right. And definitely, DEFINITELY use photo reference if you're stumped by how something looks, even if it's the most menial pose or inconspicuous background object. It makes a difference.

    And side-note in regards to Leto, now that we live in the Information Age, your audience will definitely take the time to find an inconsistency in what you present. Most people won't care, but there's always someone who does, and they're usually the loudest. Never dismiss the power of the Internet.


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