Friday, December 12, 2014

The Art Style

The Art Style

So I have been reading some comics, and some graphic novels just for more inspiration, and I want the story to look realistic, I know this goal will be a very difficult one to achieve. My artistic abilities are not the greatest, but that's something I will deal later on. So I was also thinking that cartoony might not be a bad idea either, it would definitely be different and weird but It might be cool. Maybe similar to Bone which is my favorite book. 
That would be awesome to see Beowulf brought to life, in a cartoon form with a love. I read the recent comment, only one I received was Mariana's and I like the idea of them meeting while he is on a journey to help another group of people. Maybe she could even be a part of that community and while they are battling she can realize how meant for each other they are....No never mind, I want it to be reversed, he has to fall deeply in love with her after realizing how strong and independent she is. He has to win her heart, it'll be a tough battle and after a lot of struggle she will eventually confess her love. Does the place that she comes from have to be real and historical or can I just make up a country. If not I like the idea of her coming from Iceland, mostly because the name sounds cool, and it's across a sea that gives me ideas for monsters they may fight on their way back to geatland. And as far as the reason for him going over their, it'll be maybe to help one of Hrothgar's descendants in a fierce battle against a demon like army or something, that would be cool. I also want the complete outline of the story to be completely written out by the first of January, that will be posted on here for you all to look and comment on. Let me know what you guys think. Oh and lastly, as soon as I learn how to scan and upload images onto this blog I will hopefully put a drawing every other blog post. 

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  1. My only thoughts so far relate to your idea to draw in a cartoony style. Is this how you normally draw anyway? If not, why not draw how you normally draw and play to your strengths? I doubt your drawing prowess is as weak as you think it is (since every single artist worth a damn thinks that way all the time), and I don't think you should go cartoony if you're using it to hide a weakness that others might not even see. I could be completely off-base here, but that's how your first paragraph read to me.

    And how do you think that style will affect the atmosphere of the story you want to tell? Will it enhance the atmosphere, or will it create a conflict of moods? Beowulf is an epic, and so is Bone, but Bone is an epic in disguise, and that's why it works as well as it does.


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