Monday, December 8, 2014

Ideas For A Story

Ideas For A Story

So today's the eight of December, and I'm just starting this blog, I feel a little behind. For my senior project I'm creating a comic book. It will be an adaptation to the epic poem Beowulf. The reason I chose Beowulf at the time was because it was fresh in my mind. We had recently read it in AP and the idea of creating an alternate version, or a new ending was very appealing to me. I began to think about ideas for a story, when you normally think of Beowulf this image of a strong warrior immediately enters your mind. So I thought let's change that image by giving him a girl. Now Beowulf throughout the whole poem is never seen with a woman. He makes a reader think in some ways that he is even fearful of love. So my idea is to make him fall in love and his lovers death be the reason why he never looks for love again. His losing her makes it so that he is unable to love again. I thought the perfect way to capture this is by the very beginning of the comic to start at the end of the original epic poem. For him to have fought the dragon and to be lying down, and in his final moments reminisce about this loved one. Then the story could almost go into a flashback that would show them meeting and all that other cute stuff. So at first I was considering whether or not she should be super girly and if she should need Beowulf to protect her all the time, but that would be boring. So I'm contemplating having her be a warrior and fight alongside him. She has to be spontaneous and daring, I want him to worry about her but for her to still do what she wants. This would definitely be different from the way women of the time were in actuality. And for names, I'm still uncertain but I like the name Leto for some reason, it seems different and in a way fitting for the heroine of our story. Leto is a name that comes from Greek civilization. She is a goddess who is the mother of Artemis and Apollo her name means "the hidden one" apparently. Her story is one of sadness and struggle but there is also some happiness we see, with the birthing of her children. I want the story to be in black and white for effect. Black and white is dramatic and it sends a strong message. I had also been considering attempting to use that original language but then I reconsidered because of how rigorous that would be. It would take a lot of time to learn all the phrases and use them correctly. I will still however use some of the language and Ashley Messer mentioned I create a glossary type thing at either the beginning or the end of the comic so the reader \can check there for misunderstandings. The main thing that I have to focus on is my audience, understanding that will help my story flow. And the last thing I have considered up until now  is what her back story should be about. I still have much to consider but I think a nice outline to the story is being created.  Oh her death has to be heart-wrenching, I want the reader to cry.

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  1. WOW! This is very thoughtful and I really like where it's going. Ok so in the poem Beowulf arrives back in Geatland (modern day Sweden) and tells the story. This is perhaps where you are beginning...before he is even offered the kingdom. So I am guessing he is taken away on another adventure. Where? And why? Look at a map of the area and read the actual history so you are accurate. Maybe he meets this lady in combat, on a journey to conquer more land for his decide. Is she Christian or is she of some pagan culture that still has not converted? This makes a huge difference in her character development. She would have to be Beowulf's equal or she would fall short of the reader's expectation. The viking women often fought with their men...those women who were worthy of the sword shield maids and were very respected and desired. You would have to do some research on this...include what you find on your blog. Put a map on here will help you understand the times and places more. I am not sure the Greek name will's so removed from that area...the Geats were really moving into England/Ireland to conquer. Do some research and see where his travels could have taken him. I LOVE how this idea justifies the ending of the actual poem! Great idea!!!


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